Stop iMessage showing people if you read their message

By: Unknown, January 21, 2013

iMessage is a growing messaging service for iOS and Mac users. Although it has some stability issues and is generally slower than popular apps such as Whatsapp, iMessage has proved to be a competing service. It is free for users who own an Apple device and has a few limitations. The aim of iMessage is to replace sending SMS on iPhone but instead send an iMessage.

One of the features that may be disturbing to some users is that people can see when they read their message. So in other words, people will know if you ignore them, unless you don't open the Messages app at all, or if you simple toggle the feature off as shown later in the tutorial.
To toggle 'Read' off simply go to Settings --> Messages and turn the second toggle "Send Read Receipts" from ON to OFF as shown in the image below.

You can do this for any iOS device whether it's iPhone, iPod or iPad. On a Mac the process should be pretty similar.

Now you will be able to see when a friend reads your message but they will not be able to see when you read theirs. Pretty handy!


  1. I didn't know you could do this. Now I can ignore my friends :P thanks for sharing!


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