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By: Unknown, January 16, 2013
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To many cricket is a religion. There are lots of cricket apps designed for the iPhone of those cricket crazy crowds. With lot of cricket happening all around the world 365 days a year, some of these apps will help keep in tune with the news of what the cricketing gods are doing on field and off it. Some of the apps will help you hone your cricketing skills. Some apps are designed to increase your knowledge of the game or test it as well. Here is a list of five apps that are certainly a must in any cricketaholics’ iPhone.

ESPN cricinfo is the best of place to have a ball by ball commentary and updates. For those who live and breathe cricket, this surely is a must have apps. The apps not only provide with live scores but it also feeds you with news, pictures and podcasts. It can be dubbed as a compact version of the website. This is definitely a good apps for getting information on current matches and upcoming matches on the go.

Cricket Quiz apps will not only test your knowledge about the game you are passionate about, but it will also inform you about a number of unknown facts. The apps has three separate sections for the One Day Internationals, Test Cricket and the 20/20 format of the game. All these sections have questions based on these formats of the game to test your knowledge. You can also use it to test the knowledge of your friends too. There is a total of thirty questions in each section and you can choose how many you want to answer.

This apps has a paid and a free version. Stick cricket is one of the most popular gaming app available on the App Store. You can have real players, real teams on your iPhone using this apps. The free version of the apps allows a 5 over slogging mode, World Domination levels. It also offers your run rates, boundaries hit and other interesting in-game statistics. You can use them in FaceBook or Twitter to show off your skills.

An upgrade to the premium version opens up the 14 World Domination levels and the overs for Slogging mode becomes ten. Also the premium mode gives you the option to play against anyone with its two-player option.

This is a premium apps and is one of the best cricket playing apps. The apps also boast of full HD graphics. You can play between 14 teams with three difficulty modes. The most interesting part is that it allows the games to be played in six different stadiums. The graphics is great and the ball-by- ball or scorecard analysis makes it look real cool. The actual camera following the ball also gives it a nice touch. In brief, the game is pretty impressive.

This app is a goldmine of information on the game. It is loaded with interesting facts and statistics. Also loaded with famous quotations and incidents, it is a treasure trove for fans who love the games history and facts. Lot of articles and anecdotes, features and little known facts make this apps a must have for most cricket lovers.


As usual there are lots of cricket apps which are getting uploaded in the stores with every passing minute. But these apps are arguably the best that serves all your purposes of following the game or knowing the game inside out.

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