Twitter or Facebook: Which is better?

By: Unknown, January 21, 2013
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Twitter and Facebook, sworn enemies, you can call them. They have been at each others’
throats since a long time now and the time has come to determine which is better than the
other. The time is here to determine the winner. The bell had rung many years ago but the
three counts are up next and the referee is counting. The long awaited answer to this million
dollar question is finally here and the answer is:

It depends.

Is this some kind of joke?

I thought you’d probably be wondering that so I just wanted to clear it up. No, I’m not joking.
It all comes down to you because both of these applications are the best in their own very way
and what you’d select for yourself, in my opinion will be the winner. They put up a great fight
against each other but it all comes down to your decision in the end.


Both of these social websites have been each other’s throat since both of them were created
which makes it so interesting. They have competed with features from the start and both try
to reign victorious over the other. So far, Facebook is in the lead but that is only because it is
elder and wiser. Compareing their features, both are on each other’s throat while one reigns
supreme in one feature while the other reigns supreme in another one. Both of them have
certain edges over each other and both of them have certain advantages.

Advantages of Facebook over Twitter:

  • Facebook is much more private than Twitter.
  • You can have meaningful and lengthy conversations on Facebook.
  • You can post photos directly to Facebook and can round them up into albums.
  • Facebook requires you to get more personal with you and tends to go deep in your thoughts.
  • You can track down lost pals and old family members on Facebook.
  • You can write long texts and you can post lengthy stuff on Facebook.
  • You can view slideshows, photos and videos directly on Facebook.
  • There are lots of fun games on Facebook available for you.

Advantages of Twitter over Facebook

  • It’s easy to come up with and create social networks on Twitter.
  • You don’t get bored on Twitter as long as you are organized.
  • Twitter lets you socialize with more people and groups.
  • You can find your surroundings and what’s in them using the business pages on Twitter.
  • Twitter is better for advertising events, products, charities and even businesses and theirproducts.
  • It’s legal for you to make different accounts on Twitter as long as you are making them for adifferent purpose like for advertising your business or blog.
  • Twitter keeps you more of a secret to others on Twitter.
  • There are lots of fun Twitter apps that you can play around with. Twitter has a lot of apps foryou to enjoy.

Final conclusion

Both of these social media opponents have their edges over the other but in the end the line is
narrowed down to your decision. What you say goes and it was your voice that made Facebook
the king of social media and it will be your voice, if that ever happens to get Twitter to the top.
Both of these websites are best in their own ways.

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  1. I agree that it totally depends on the user itself. Both of these social media network have their advantages and it upon the decision of the user on what he/she prefer. For me I would prefer facebook, as I could organize my photos and everything.


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