10 things you need to know about the PS4

By: Unknown, February 23, 2013

When Sony held the event for the PS4 a few days earlier it started a lot of confusion on what they are actually announcing. Yes, they didn't show a console, announce the release date or the price; but there are things you need to know about the PS4. Whether or not you're a gamer, you'll certainly find this post useful to you. I'll talk about everything you need to know about the PS4, and although you might think there isn't much out there, there is.

Price & Release Date:

As previously mentioned we are not given an accurate price or release date. However, we can roughly predict both of them. The price is expected to be roughly $500. This prediction is based on previous pricing strategies used by Sony for its consoles. The release date as said by Sony is "Holiday 2013". This means that the PS4 should be available in Q4 of 2013 (October-December).


The controllers for the PS4 have been announced during the event. The controllers have a touch pad on the front and a move sensor at the back. The touch sensor will almost certainly be used for a browser. There's a share button indicating that the PS4 is aimed to be a social console. At the bottom you can see a built in microphone at the controller. This also adds on to the social as explained in the next subheading.


The controller of the PS4 clearly shows how the console is aimed to be social. The microphone could be used to talk to your friends while playing a game, or a live stream. That's right, PS4 will include a built in streaming service after deals with Ustream. The console will also have tight Facebook integration.

Backward capability:

Will you be able to play PS3 games on your PS4? So far you can't. This is likely to change in the future though. Sony are trying to integrate all your Play Station consoles together. So there may be some hope of not throwing away your old games after making the switch. If the PS4 supports backward compatibility then Sony are creating another valid reasons for PS3 owners to stick to Play Station.

Online purchasing:

With the PS4, users can purchase their games online just like with the PS3. But it's a lot better now. It seems like all games will be available on the Play Station Store. Furthermore, the games you purchase will be available to play the moment you begin downloading. Don't ask me how this is done, but it will be done. Additionally, you can purchase games using your smart phone so that you can have your game ready even if you're not at home. You can also use your smart phone as a second screen to show things like a mini map during the game.

Problems with the launch:

We all know that Sony's launch wasn't too ideal, so here's a video to have a bit of a laugh at Sony!

The competition:

When we speak about the competition, we immediately think of Microsoft's Xbox as it certainly is the biggest competitor. Even if you're a die-had PS3 fan, Microsoft have got a good surprise for you. The video below according to Microsoft has not been modified or edited, but has been recorded in their labs. Impressive!

Price of Games:

The PS4 will play games free games. Most games will range from $0.99 upto $60. You can imagine the big games which you would normally buy on a CD to cost the $60 while mini games could possible be free.

Two last things:

There are two other things you need to know. First is that the PS4 will not require an internet connection all the time so that you can use it. So don't worry about your internet not working for a couple of days. Second is that the PS4 will play used games. The head of Sony Worldwide Studios confirmed this and said that this is a basic customer's expectation.


There is still a lot left to know about the PS4. We now know as much as we possibly can, but Sony still have more to tell us. Let's hope they have a good surprise waiting. As you saw by the Xbox video, the competition is going to be big and Sony better be ahead of the competition. What are your thoughts on the PS4?


  1. That's some pretty cool stuff! I think i'm more excited for the Xbox 720 :P


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