Edge EX- grab it while it's free!

By: Unknown, February 2, 2013
Today the deal of the day for AppGratis(an app that is similar to FreeAppADay) was called Edge EX. I decided to give the game a go and download it. But when I took a look at the screenshot I was predicting a minecraft like game and I was hoping that it wasn't. Thankful it wasn't, but also thankfully I downloaded it. I can safely guarantee that Edge EX will be my next addiction game, until someone beats my score in Temple Run 2 (10 million).

I don't know what you will think of the screen shot above, yet the game is really really fun and addicting. No exaggeration. Your objective is to move the cube to the finishing spot as well as pick up small cubes on the way. You will find many hidden features from breaking bridges to punching walls. I don't want to ruin the surprised for you so I'll leave this post short because if I write more I'll ruin some of the game.

By the way, it's worth mentioning that the app usually costs $2.99 and here's a chance to get it for free. Hurry and download using the link below!

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