Run Cydia in the background

By: Unknown, February 9, 2013

After jailbreaking your iOS device you may have realized that Cydia does not run in the background. It may show up in the multitasking switcher, but it's not actually running in the background. When you launch Cydia you'll realize it loads up every single time. This is not the case with most apps nowadays which do in fact run in the background.

The reason Cydia doesn't do that is because Cydia takes up quite a bit of memory. This used to be an issue on older devices, and may still be. However, if you have a new iOS device then you may want to follow this tutorial so that you can background Cydia. The instructions are really simple.

Before you being, make sure you have an app that can allow you to access files on your iOS device. SSH will certainly work for this purpose. But I prefer to do it directly from my iPhone. I use an app called iFile from Cydia which shows up as a paid app but you can install the light version for free. The light version is good enough for this purpose. I will be using iFile throughout this tutorial, but the steps are almost identical if you're using another method.

1- Launch iFile
2-  Navigate to /var/stash/Applications/

Please note that after the word Applications you'll probably have a few letters and numbers, but it's probably different on every device so don't worry about that.

3- Go to the Info.plist file in the section and tap on it. A menu will come up

4- Tap on Property List Viewer
5- Scroll down to the bottom and you'll find a toggle next to the line UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend
6- Toggle it off

That's it! Cydia will now run in the backgroud. You may need to respring your iOS device for changes to take effect. Share this post with your friends to give them help too. And if you need further help feel free to ask for help in the comments.

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