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By: Unknown, March 25, 2013
We all want to be productive in our lives. Some want to simply do their work while others even want to become someone remembered in history. To do this, we need to get over procrastination and begin a new routine in our lives. Making a time table and hoping that this will help you do what you want to get done barely ever works, and all the methods on the internet are useless. Don't worry we've all been there, and I've been there. But for the last few weeks I have been testing and experimenting with some free apps and seeing which works best.

Although ironically I didn't blog for quite a long time, and blogging was on my list of things I really want to do, I now understand why I wasn't blogging recently and will explain it all in this post. What you're about to read could be your lifesaver.

Before we get started you need to know what procrastination is, and how it works. By knowing how it works you'll find it easier to overcome it. Don't hesitate in reading the amazing answer on Quora explaining how to get over procrastination.

Ok now that we know what procrastination is it's time to defeat it. Most people think that the one and only true problem is getting started, then it will all go well. I'm sorry but it turns out life doesn't work that way. There are two major pains; getting started, and to keep going. In fact getting started is a lot easier than keeping on. To get started you need to dedicate yourself to what you want to do.

Let's say you want to start a blog. In a few free hours in a weekend you could create a blog and even write a first post. That's it. A few hours is all what you needed to start. Now that you started you have to keep going, and this is the harder part.

So I started my search for apps that actually keep you going. Apps that will help me accomplish the mini daily goals of my life. Over the past few weeks I was busy testing out apps that helped change my life. You'll need to use two out of the three apps to change the shape of your life.

App #1 Mr Mood:

When you first open up Mr Mood you'll realize that this free app is gorgeous. It's a really unique app of its kind. What makes me love this app are its:
  • Lovely interface
  • Daily notifications at a user-specified time to be reminded to open the app
 How will this help reshape your day though?

Simple. What Mr Mood does it that it lets you rate each of your days with a simple swipe gesture. There are five faces you can rate your day with, and the higher up you slide, the better your day is. Moreover, you can add a comment everyday to say what you loved or hated during that day.

This will seriously help you identify what makes you happier and what ruins your day. By analysing a pattern in your life you'll be able to know which of the habits to get rid of to get your day a higher rating, and which ones to keep to also increase your daily ratings. A simple gesture will show you your previous daily ratings. Unfortunately though, you can't change the ratings on previous days, so if you forgot to rate on one day then tough luck.

You can download Mr Mood for free using this direct link: Download for free from the App Store

App #2 Lift OR Good Habits

Both lift and good habits perform a similar function and aim to solve the same problem, but they both tackle the problem differently. I'll first describe the problem they're trying to tackle then go over the different approaches taken by both apps.

Both of the apps aim to help their users in completing daily tasks. You put down a list of habits that you want to do every day and tick them off when you do them. The aim is to tick off all of the habits by the end of the day. That way you have done all the productive steps that you needed to take today.

What makes them both different though?

Lift is more of a community based app. When you tick off a habit it is shared with all other users who are attempting this habit. When you share you can see how many days in a row you have been completing this habit, you can also view the same information for other users. Furthermore, when you tick off a habit you can put a small note to the community with more details. Users can interact by liking and commenting on each other's activities.

Good Habits on the other hand goes for a slightly different approach. It is offline, so there's no interacting with others. What makes this app special though is that it has the idea of creating a chain, and the aim of the user is to not break the chain. You complete your habits or tasks day after day and this makes a chain in the app. The chain will show you how many consecutive days you've completed this habit. The app motivates you to not break the chain and starting again from 0 days.

Good Habits app on iPhone

So the main difference is that Lift inspires you via the community while Good Habits urges you not to break the chain. I'd recommend trying both apps, but I've personally chosen Good Habits because it turns out very little interaction actually happens in Lift, leading to little motivation. Meanwhile Good Habits has a really cool idea behind it and has been more inspiring to me. See which one works better for you! Both download links are available below.

Lift- Download for free
Good Habits- Download for free

Step #3 Timetable

The third step is to make a time table. I know I started off the post saying that time tables don't work, but with the apps above a time table is necessary and will certainly be effective. You have the list of things to do, you need to choose the time of doing them. Or else you'll end up leaving everything to the last minute of your day. But this will just mean a bit of Facebook while delaying your productive requirements for tomorrow. Something you don't want to be doing.

To make the time table effective you need to make it neat and organised. More importantly though you should:
  • Use the same time interval throughout the whole time table (1 hour intervals are recommended)
  • Add some time for fun, or else you'll be having the "fun" time taking over your whole day
  • Have a copy of your time table in your phone, computer and any other possible device
The three bullet points above along with two apps from the start will make your day a ton more productive. Trust me on that!


Try this method for at least a week and you'll find a change in the way you live. It won't take you much time to download the apps and make your time table. When should you do this? Do it now! Because if you don't create a productive plan for your self today then you'll procrastinate it forever. So start today.

I'm sorry that all the apps I used are for iPhone specifically. That's because I'm a long time iPhone user and never owned an Android phone meaning I won't be able to link you to great Android apps that do the job, but there are apps out there on Android and other platforms that can do a similar job. If you know one then please link it in a comment.

Please note, this post took me a lot of time and effort, a share would be greatly appreciated.

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