Most elegant Do Not Disturb toggle on lock screen for iPhone

By: Unknown, March 16, 2013
When it comes to Cydia tweaks on iPhone we get a wide variety of them. Some do their jobs better than others. And unfortunately, some do a really bad job in terms of both design and performance. Today's tweak is one of the "fortunately" tweaks. This one adds a handy Do Not Disturb toggle on your lock screen. Hold on this one's different!

I understand you've probably seen a million of these toggles on the Cydia store, but this one's just different. It's too good to miss out, and it's impossible for me to think of ways it can be improved. This is one of the tweaks that as they say "looks like something done by Apple".

Flusterless is the tweak I want to share with you today. I can't really call it a review because it's a really simple tweak and there isn't much to say. As I said earlier this lets you toggle the Do Not Disturb feature that came with iOS 6. But as I also said earlier, this one's different. How come? Well look at the screen shots and judge for your self.

Notice the grabber at the top left

All you need to do is pull that grabber at the top left of the screen and you've toggled DND on/off. That's it. No accidental toggle presses and no annoying design. It's really simple and won't accidentally toggle in your pocket.

Toggle Do Not Disturb from your lock screen.

I found this tweak extremely clean and useful. This is a short post but its only because there's not much to say about it. How about you add your comments and let this post become a bit longer?


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    1. That's private, but if you want an overview then email me.


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