One thing Apple should do to double their iMessage users

By: Unknown, March 9, 2013
iMessage was released as one of the hit features in iOS 5. It got users at first, and the numbers are increasing day after day. Messages sent and received are increasing, number of active users are increasing, etc. But we all know that's not good enough for Apple. Can they really not have more users than what's app?

Of course they can! And it's not by going cross-platform, as that will go "against Apple's rules". So you might be wondering what that one thing is, the thing that can double -or even triple- the number of active users on iMessage.

It's simple. The thing they have to do is not go cross-platform but go multi service. By that I mean that users should be able to send messages using other services such as Facebook Messenger and Google Talk directly from the iMessages app.

You might be wondering, isn't that going to be too complicated and against Apple's simplicity culture? Well the answer is that Apple's iMessage service is actually pretty complicated to understand, but once you do so, adding more services to it will just seem like a logical move.

We have seen many apps on the App Store thatcan perform a similar function. They can support messaging for many services. But these apps in a Steve Jobs way of saying it "are a piece of shit." In other words they range from 1/5 rating to 4/5. Basically apps that are good but don't do as good as what Apple can do. (BTW: if you're not familiar with Steve Jobs, I don't actually mean these apps are crap, but this was his way of saying that they can be improved!) An issue that could be caused by Apple implementing such a feature is that they could be gradually killing tons of social apps from the App Store, which would be a shame. What would make iMessage superior to these apps though?

Again, the answer is very simple. You can text people over iMessage or SMS and then also the other services. Another feature that would help Apple compete with the other App Store apps is that iMessage obviously comes built into the iPhone and other iOS devices.

This move isn't unlikely for Apple to do. It's not just because its has many pros but because this is what Messages on the Mac has. And we have seen Apple copy features from the Mac to the iOS devices and vice versa. It's logical to do so. Messages on the Mac certainly ranks as a top social app due to the extra services it supports. It would certainly be great to see this coming to the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

I would love to see this happening, will you? Do you think Apple will implement this feature? Why do you think so?

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