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By: Unknown, March 27, 2013
With the increase in numbers of social networks, it could take individuals and businesses a few extra unnecessary taps to share the same message on a few social networks. Fortunately there are apps to help you get rid of these taps by sharing to these social networks together simultaneously. Today I want to review with you an app called Postargram which helps solve this first world problem.

Postargram is a really simple app and easy to use, which is why I'm sharing it here. When you first launch the app it will take a while to set up, but after that the app is simple and gets the job done. Plus, the app has some additional features that make it superior to apps with a similar purpose. I'll cover all of this after the break.

First Launch

When you launch the app for the first time you'll find that the setup could take a bit longer than you think. The app unfortunately doesn't take advantage of Facebook/Twitter linked accounts in iOS and so you'll have to login from the web login screen for Twitter and the app on Facebook. Don't worry about what you have to do to link your Facebook and Twitter to Postargram as you'll be automatically redirected between webpages and apps. The real hassle though is if you want to link all 4 social accounts supported by the app. I ended up having to type in my password four times till I could get started with using the app.

Lots of accounts!

The first great feature worth mentioning is that you can link up to 4 social accounts to Postargram. The four supported services are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Four Square. Furthermore, you can have more than one Twitter account linked with Postargram, which is really useful for people with multiple accounts.

Shrink Text

With Postargram you hardly need to worry about the Twitter 140 character limit caption. The app has a cool feature which lets you shrink text you've already typed in so that you can fit more words in fewer characters. So you can shrink "What should I do" to "wht shld I do". Although this could make you seem like an idiot, it could come in handy every once in a while.


You can tweet any song you want as Now Playing (even if the song isn't!) The app takes the NowPlaying to another extra step though. The user types in the name of the song and artist, and the app will help fetch the album cover to include with your tweet/post. So your tweets will look more friendly.

Live Camera

With Postargram, you can have the app display a live camera on your screen behind the text you've typed to share. Once you press post, the image will be captured and sent along with your post. Having a live camera while typing in a tweet is certainly a different experience!

Instagram Pictures

You may have been wondering how Instagram comes in if all you did was type in text without a picture. Postargram has a good way of doing this. When you share text to Instagram you get to pick a background to place the text on. You can't move the text around or anything though which is quite a shame. Nevertheless, adding in such a feature will over complicate the app.


While reading some of the features that make this app outstanding, you may be doubting the fact that it's simple. I need to point out that these features are there for you to find and do not get in the way. So if all you want to do is update your status on Facebook and Twitter simultaneously then the app will do its job without and complexity, but there are apps that do the job better if that's all you wanted.


Postargram is a really simple app without some extra unique features for you to discover. Setting up your accounts could be a bit of a hassle, but other than that you shouldn't be encountering trouble and bugs with the app. You can download Postargram for free using the link below.

Download Postargram for Free

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  1. These are some great tips! I will for sure use them. Thanks for sharing.


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