Apple loves jailbreak hackers. Here's why!

By: Unknown, April 1, 2013

With the release of every new iOS upgrade, a group of hackers attempt finding a security exploit to allow a jailbreak. And with the release of every new jailbreak comes an iOS update from Apple that blocks the jailbreak. This seems like a mini warfare between the hackers and Apple. But as a matter of fact, Apple want the hackers to make a jailbreak and the hackers want Apple to keep on releasing iOS updates.

Why is this though? Well the obvious one is the hackers wanting Apple to release the iOS updates. They want it so they can enjoy new software versions on their devices. But the harder one to believe is Apple wanting the hackers to make jailbreaks. Why would they want this? Here's why.

There are two major reasons for this. The first one is new ideas for iOS. And the second is because these hackers are finding security exploits. I'll explain why both of these are useful.

New ideas

Apple's iOS upgrades usually have features that were first seen in jailbreaks. This gives Apple a chance to get new ideas from a large number of their customers, and to know what their customers want. Apple even hired a developer who had developed a tweak on Cydia to work for them and implement his tweak in their OS.

The jailbreak also gives many customers a chance to show what they want to come in the next iOS upgrade. Again, allowing Apple to get more relevant features for their customers.

Security Exploits

The second great thing for Apple is that they don't need to spend a great amount of time looking for security exploits. These security exploits can allow a hacker to destroy a device. What happens is that the jailbreak hackers find the exploits and Apple patches them, which ultimately leads to a safer iOS. In other words the jailbreak hackers are helping make iOS safer!

It's pretty amazing to look at this story from a different angle. Rather than seeing it as a war you can see it as a benefit for both sides. Or is it just me trying to be positive?

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