Disable in-app purchases to avoid a huge iTunes bill with Pictures and a Video

By: Unknown, April 2, 2013
Every few weeks we hear parents complaining that their child spent a few thousand dollars on in app purchases. This always got me annoyed because it's something that's so simple to avoid. Perhaps people just need to know how to do it, which is the objective of this post. Instead of blaming Apple for this, parents should toggle in app purchases off. Here's how to do it. I included pictures and a video in this post to make the steps as clear as possible. Hope this helps.

1. Go to Settings

2. Scroll down and tap on General

3. Tap on Restrictions

4. Enable restrictions. You'll need to type in a password. This password will need to be typed in every time you edit the restrictions. So make sure it's one you can remember.

5. Toggle in app purchases off

Now when you go to download an in app purchases you won't be allowed. An error message like the one below will show up.

I even made a video to show the steps. Watch the video below in HD:

Now next time someone tries downloading an in app purchase they won't be allowed to.

For any help feel free to leave a comment below.

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