Enable text to speech on your iPhone

By: Unknown, April 4, 2013
Did you know that your iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch can read out text for you? You may have seen some people doing it. They highlight some text on their iPhone and then tap Speak. BOOM! Guess what? Siri is reading out the text. How can you get Siri to read out any highlight-able text for you? This is what this post is all about. Step-by-step instructions with pictures, and also a video to make sure that everyone can get this feature working on their iOS devices. Please note that this feature does not work on all versions of iOS. Your device needs to support Siri to support this feature.

1. Go to Settings

 2. Scroll down and tap on General

3. Tap on Accessibility 

4. Tap on Speak Selection

5. Toggle Speak Selection ON

To test if this works, go to the Notes app and add a random note. Highlight any word or phrase from the note, or even the note as a whole. A mini menu will appear above or below the text with options such as Copy, Select All, Speak. Tap on Speak and admire the magic.

If a step-by-step guide with pictures isn't what you're after, then enjoy the short tutorial video below. The video gets straight to the point. Sorry about the really poor quality. For some reason the quality of the video isn't up to standard in this post. I'm still trying to find out why! Anyway, the video is below, and the quality is good enough to watch and understand the video.

Did you find this tutorial helpful? If so, then please share it with your friends. They'll probably find it useful too!

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