Get Swype Keyboard on iPhone now

By: Unknown, April 10, 2013
I have never really been a big fan of using a Swype keyboard, but since so many people like it I decided to share this tutorial with you. This is how to get the popular Swype keyboard on your iPhone. You'll need to have a jailbroken iPhone and add a source to Cydia.

The tweak is completely free to download and easy to use. It also adds an autocorrect bar similar to the one in Android.


To get the Swype keyboard you need to:

  1. Launch Cydia
  2. Tap on Manage --> Sources
  3. Tap on Edit in the top left, then add in the top right
  4. Add the source:
  5. When the source is added, download iSwipe
  6. Restart your Springboard when the download is complete
To test you have a working Swype keyboard open the Notes app and try using the Swype feature. It should be working now!

Here's a challenge for all you Swype keyboarders! Try sharing this article while using the Swype keyboard. Let's see who wins!

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