Google Now comes to iOS

By: Unknown, April 29, 2013
Google Now has been proved to be better than Siri on many tests before. While this feature put up a challenge against Siri and could have convinced users to switch to Android, Google released Google Now for iOS devices. This finally gives iOS users a chance to try out such a promising feature.

While Google Voice Search has already been available for a long time, Google Now is slightly different. For those of you who don't know the difference, Google Now has a cards view that gets you your information right at your fingertips before you need it. Seriously. Read on for more about Google Now as well as a download link.

As a starter, this conversation is over.

"We have Siri!" -Apple fans
"We have Google Now" -Android fans

What is Google Now

Google now displays you information in cards. While it's different to Siri, the two of them are usually compared. Voice search is sometimes considered as Google Now, but voice search has been out for months on iOS.

Google Now shows you things such as the weather in a card. If you're leaving for work it will show you the time to get to work in a card. The feature gets smarter as you use it. Eventually, it will display a card showing the time to travel to work on your workdays but not on your weekends!

Another example is if you land into another country, Google Now will automatically display a card with currency conversions so you can get used to the new currency and convert any money during shopping. There are many other cool features in this free service by Google.

Download Now (no pun intended)

To download Google Now right now (My sense of humor is disappointing) use the direct link below.

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