Blackberry announces BBM on iPhone and Android for this summer

By: Unknown, May 14, 2013
Big news today. Blackberry announced plans to release BBM for iOS and Android this summer. A move which should have arguably happened earlier. Yet, the announcement came in as good news for most people. There's a lot more behind this though, and what it means for the future of Blackberry.

BBM will first get released with basic features. Users will have the ability to chat using text with individuals and in groups. According to the plan, this is it for the summer. But more features such as voice chat and screen sharing will come later in.

“We’re committed to making the BBM experience on other platforms as fully featured as we can,” Heins said. “We’ll start with messaging and groups, but we’ll add voice and screen share later on. … BB10 is such a strong platform that we are confident it can become an independent messaging solution.”
After all the cheering, this announcement means a lot to Blackberry. A company that has been dedicated to making phones, and a software to run alongside its phone is starting to make apps for other phones. The anticipated messaging app could just be the first step for Blackberry to slowly move out of the 'making its own phones' strategy to simply making apps.

I'm not saying this is for certain. It's more likely for Blackberry to become like what Google is on mobile. Hardware, OS, and apps.

It's been a long time since we were waiting for this. Blackberry should have done it earlier. All the hype for BBM on other devices slowly started dying last year, and now with growing competitors such as Whatsapp, Kik (and maybe iMessage) it is a bit too late. But still it's big news.

Do you think that it's too late for Blackberry to make this move? There's no doubt that the BBM app will become the Top Free app on the App Store the day it's released. Well, if it is free..

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