Change iPhone UI color using Accentify

By: Unknown, May 6, 2013
Since the release of the first version of iOS, Apple didn't change the UI color of the top bar in its apps. I'm talking about the blue color you see at the top bar of the settings app. It gets boring after 6 years, so it's a good idea to change it.

That's why today's blog post is about changing that 6 year old grand color and replacing it with many new fresh colors. Today's tweak is called Accentify and will require a jailbroken iPhone.

As you can see the bar at the top, as well as the status bar are orange. I chose them orange, and with Accentify you can choose whatever color you want.

Pull the sliders to make your own color!

Another great thing about Accentify is that it is constantly updated with cooler features and bug fixes. I would totally recommend this tweak as it brightens up your iPhone for only $1. Grab it from Cydia.

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