How to keep your iPhone photos in sync the right way

By: Unknown, May 31, 2013
There are many ways to have a backup of your iPhone photos. Some services cost a bit of money, while others are free with limitations. I use iTunes and Dropbox to provide me free backup of my photos as well as having albums on my phone. From my experience, this is so far the best method I've found and used. It's really easy to set up, however it has some limitations as I'll explain later on in the post.

I'll explain the process here briefly, then provide a more detailed description later on in the post. Dropbox sends photos from my iPhone to my pc, then my pc sends the photos to my iPhone.


I use the auto upload feature provided by Dropbox on my iPhone to sync my photos to my Dropbox account. I have Dropbox installed on my pc too. This will save the photos locally on my computer.

The good thing about Dropbox is that it auto uploads the photos with full resolution. I simply open the app and they start uploading. You can quit the app and the uploading will still keep going. Also, Dropbox will sync the photos to your pc and upload it from there if you connect your iPhone to your computer.

I have more than 10 GB of photos and videos on my account. But I actually have more than 100 GB of storage! For free..

I used two of my family's Android devices and linked them to my Dropbox account. This provided my account with 50 GB + 50 GB of free storage space. I then unlinked their phones and kept the 100 GB for my self.


On my computer I have my Dropbox folders syncing to it, which means all my iPhone's photos and videos are saved locally on my computer. I then put the media into folders (which are then used as albums by iTunes). I place my media into folders once every week, which takes like 2 minutes in total.

I then use iTunes on my computer to sync the pictures to my iPhone. This is a very useful service provided by Apple. I choose the Dropbox Camera Uploads folder to sync to my iPhone. This will sync all the albums back to my iPhone. Then whenever I sync my iPhone with iTunes the photos are sent to my iPhone with the albums. I delete the original copy from my iPhone so I don't have duplicate pictures. It's quicker than it sounds!


There are a few limitations with this method though. You can't sort the pictures into albums using your iPhone since both the Photos app and the Dropbox app do not allow putting pictures into synced albums.

Also, the synced pictures can not be edited, instead a copy of the picture will be created in the camera roll.


This method is really useful to have a backup of your pictures saved on a stable server as well as your pc. It's free if you have only a few pictures and videos, or if you have access to a qualified Android device to increase storage space for free.

The method I use is really useful in my opinion. Do you have a different method? Share it in the comments!

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