How to set up Find my iPhone on your iOS device

By: Unknown, May 9, 2013
Losing your iPhone is a huge pain. Most of us just think that it won't happen to us, but having your iPhone left behind somewhere could be your next nightmare. It's very possible and happens a lot. Most of the top smart phones have a feature to help you find your phone, for iOS this feature is in an app called Find my iPhone. There are three essential steps you need to take to protect your iOS device. The three steps are included in this post.

Find my iPhone offers four key features to help you track down your lost (or even stolen) device. Users of the app can:
  • Play a sound to help locate their missing device.
  • Put their device in lost mode. This allows the user to add a password as well as a custom message to their device.
  • Erase all the data on the device. Use this if you value no one seeing your data over recovering your device. Once you erase data you can't track your phone.
  • Track the device on a map. This will require your lost device to have had location services enabled, so to stay safe, keep it on all the time.

Step 1: Download Find my iPhone on all your iOS devices

An important thing to do now is to download the app on all your Apple devices for free from the App Store. This is an essential proactive step to take. So if you lose any of your iDevices you're ready to start tracking. Without a jailbreak, using Find my iPhone is the best method of finding a lost device and keeping your data safe.

Step 2: Turn the feature on in iCloud Settings

If you head over to Settings --> iCloud you'll find a toggle for Find my iPhone. Ensure that the feature is toggled ON in your iCloud settings as shown in the picture below.

Step 3: Keep Location Services ON

Without enabling your location services it is impossible to track down your iPhone using Find my iPhone. So check that your location services are ON in the Settings app. Head over to Settings --> Privacy --> Location Services and make sure your location services are on. You can turn the service off for other apps, but don't turn it off for Find my iPhone. Even if your battery is low, Find my iPhone will be consuming little to no battery unless you're tracking down the phone. Ultimately, your iPhone is too valuable to take this risk.

As long as you have taken the three steps above, then you're on the safe side. Share this post with your friends so that they'll be grateful when they lose theirs!

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