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By: Unknown, May 27, 2013
You may have seen the video 'Dumb Ways to Die' on YouTube. It's a funny animation that shares some of the dumbest ways someone can die. Today I found that there is a game available on the iPhone. So I downloaded the game, and here's my review of it. Along with the video in case you've missed it.

When you first launch the game you'll find a screen similar to the one below. You'll have only one character at the station, when you reach certain scores you unlock more characters.

The game is a combination of short, fast-paced mini games that are great fun. The one below is a plane that flies when the user blows on the phone. It's really cool but doesn't work too well. Any sound that the microphone detects will be considered blowing. Nevertheless, you can disable this game mode from the settings.

Tap very fast or else your hair will burn! Another fun mini game.

Clean up this guy's puke as fast as you can before the time runs out. It's pretty gross but a lot of fun too!

Don't open the door to these people. Only let the panda in. Watch out, your killer could camouflage as shown below to pretend he's a panda. He's not. Only let the panda in.

There are a few more mini games in Dumb ways to die, but I've only shared my favorite ones. The game is really fast paced. You have three lives, so don't let yourself die too easily.

It seems like the developers of this game are doing it for a good cause. They developed and are distributing a game for free without ads or in-app purchases.

The objective of this game isn't only to have fun. In a way, you are made aware of silly things that you should avoid to live safely. More importantly though, users can also sign a pledge promising that they'll not do stupid things near a train. I made the promise, so I'm obliged to be mature near trains now! 😥

And here's the video on YouTube:

Download the game by clicking here and have fun! Do share your opinions on the game in the comments.

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