3 Major Announcements you should expect in WWDC 13

By: Unknown, June 6, 2013
Another year, another WWDC, another period of time filled with hopes & rumors. I haven't posted much rumors or hopes on my blog yet as it wasn't the right time. I would hear rumors flying in every day on tons of blogs. Simply doing the same would make this blog 'another Apple blog'. Thankfully it is not. Now, only 4 days before the keynote, it's time to share with you the three announcements you should be expecting to hear in this year's keynote.

There will be a new version of iOS, Mac OS X, and new Macs. Below, I'll be covering the main predicted changes for each product.


We can't be sure that the next iOS will be called iOS 7, we can't be sure that it'll have sky-rocketing features, but we're sure that it'll have a completely new design. Jong Ive, a highly respected designer who is the Senior Vice President of Industrial Design at Apple is now leading the iOS team. He is the man responsible for the stunning design of Apple hardware, now it's time to see this design in the software.

Although, I really like Scott Forstall who was replaced by Jony Ive, I'm glad that things are changing. 

iOS is all but confirmed to have a flat design. The iOS team has been getting rid of heavy texture in iOS. Two solid examples to support this are the updated podcats app, and the WWDC app.

Podcasts app: Before and After

A screenshot showing the flat design of the WWDC app

The WWDC app is truly amazing, and if that's what iOS 7 is turning to look like then this is for sure the best upgrade to happen to iOS in terms of design. A lot of design change is expected.

In addition to the flat design, iOS will have new features built into the core of the operating system. Additionally, Tim Cooks confirmed in D11 that iOS is becoming more open. Certainly not to the level where the OS is fragile, but just enough to please both developers and users at a fair balance.

Mac OS X

Very little has been said about the new Mac OS X. In fact, iOS will certainly dominate Apple's keynote. Having said that, Mac OS X plays a big role for Apple and updating it on a regular basis is vital.

A concept showing Siri on Mac [Source]

The new version of Mac OS X is expected to get features from iOS such as Siri and Maps. The update will bring along amazing new features to the Mac just like every year. Considering that Windows are fighting hard now with Windows 8 that features a new look and an App Store, Apple must ensure that they don't give the Mac OS X a minor upgrade.


The Mac's are expected to -just as always- receive an improved battery life, processor speed, and graphics. There are rumors pointing to the introduction of a MacBook Air with retina display, but that seems quite unlikely.

What is likely to happen though is for Apple to announce some minor upgrades to the hardware. Nothing major. A slimmer design that's lighter on your desk lap.

Furthermore, lowering the prices of the Macs is very likely.

What Not To Expect
  • New iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad
  • A retina display iPad Mini
  • Amazing improvements to Mac OS X

Before my iPhone 5 I owned an iPhone 3G. I never got any upgrade after buying my iPhone 3G except for iOS 4 (I bought it after the 3GS came out). Now with the iPhone 5 I have finally made a developer account* and will be getting the beta version of iOS 7, making me super excited for this keynote.

Are you looking forward for this keynote?

* I was busy developing an app for iPhone for the past few months. Stay tuned in by Email, Facebook, or Twitter to find out more about it soon

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