3 things I don't want to see in iOS 7

By: Unknown, June 7, 2013
While many people are talking about what they want to see in iOS 7, including me, I want to share with you what I don't want to see in iOS 7. This update that's expected to bring a major design change to iOS will certainly bring some new features too.

Opposing some other bloggers, there are some new features that I'd not want to see in iOS. The three main things are: home screen widgets, major lock screen changes, and themes. The reasoning behind this is explained after the break.

Home screen widgets

This is a feature that's seen in Android phones. When I see articles talking about bringing this feature to iOS, I pray that Apple don't agree with them.

Home screen widgets don't only use up a lot of your processor and battery but it takes up the space on your home screen. Widgets are annoying and most people just put it there for design.

This concept shows what a Widget Center could look like

Then where should widgets be? Widgets should be in the notification center. That way you there's a place for widgets to be, rather than having widgets and icons together as a mess. Even if it's not in the notification center then there should be a place for widgets just like with the Mac. Or perhaps something like Velox would be cool. 

Major lock screen redesign

The lock screen on iPhone is amazingly simple. Leaving the phone in your pocket will not put you in danger of accidental presses or buttons. Everything on the lock screen needs a swiping action to be activated.

A bit of redesign to the lock screen is all what's needed

Can the lock screen get improved? Certainly. Some design changes will be great. But a major redesign to the lock screen could take away from the uniqueness of the iPhone. I just want the lock screen I remain as simply and easy to use as it currently is.


The iPhone is probably the only smart phone in the market today that doesn't allow themes. I'm personally against having themes on my iPhone.

That's why I stick to the stock iOS look
Even when I had a jailbreak on my iPhone I never kept a theme on for one week. I don't support having themes on my phone because of inconsistency. The theme will not support all icons or all apps.

Additionally, Apple designers tend to be better that theme designers on Cydia. Although it may seem good to change your phone's look every now and then, I never found a theme that's truly complete and competent with Apple's official software design. Instead, theming my phone is a waste of time for me.


These are the three things I don't want to see in iOS 7. Do you agree with me? What are the three things you don't want to see?

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