How to Set A Gyroscopic Panoramic Wallpaper in iOS 7

By: Unknown, June 15, 2013
Out of the many unannounced features in iOS 7 comes a new cool one. Android has had a similar feature for years as they could set a panoramic wallpaper that changes as you switch pages. Apple's hit at a panoramic wallpaper is that the wallpaper is moved across as you move your device. It's your own opinion as to which one you would prefer over the other.

Below is a Vine demo on what the panoramic wallpaper looks like:

It's pretty amazing and it shows Apple's approach towards features that they've been long behind in implementing them. Additionally, you can get a glimpse of the panoramic wallpaper when in apps such as Safari, Phone, etc. This is due to the translucent theme in Apple's new iOS.

While the feature is interesting to show off to friends, it has its downside. The moving wallpaper goes against the simplicity of iOS 7. It actually does annoy me when I have it on sometimes, especially when it's on the home screen. It makes more sense to keep it as a lock screen.

If you're on iOS 7 beta then make sure you enable this feature the right way if you want to try it out. It appears that you have to turn on the Panoramic wallpaper from Settings --> Brightness & Wallpaper --> Choose a Wallpaper --> Panoramas. Then choose the panoramic picture you like. If you choose the wallpaper from the photos app you will not get the panoramic effect.

What do you think of panoramic wallpaper? I find it a lot cooler than the ones on Android but also a lot more distracting. What about you?

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