How to Sync and Open Ubuntu Libre Office Files on Your iPhone

By: Unknown, June 20, 2013
I use both Ubuntu and Windows on my laptop. I have files syncing back and forth between my two operating systems and my iPhone. It's easy on Windows. You can just use Dropbox, use any document viewer app on your iPhone and chances are it opens Microsoft Office files. That's not the case with LibreOffice on my Ubuntu. It took me ages till I could find an app on my iPhone that's compatible (and free), today I'm sharing this app with you. Additionally I'm talking a bit about Ubuntu One and how I prefer having it sync my Ubuntu Files.

Syncing the Files

Let's start with syncing the files from your Ubuntu computer to your iOS device. Dropbox and emailing yourself are always valid options but I prefer using Ubuntu One. Ubuntu One is the Ubuntu version of iCloud. Your files are synced between other devices with the Ubuntu One app and there are more preferences to configure than Dropbox. I prefer using Ubuntu One as I feel it's more integrated into my Ubuntu. Additionally, it doesn't mix with my Windows files on Dropbox.

Ubuntu One on my Linux
Ubuntu One offers 5 GB of free storage. For a small user like me, that's more than enough since I sync my photos with Dropbox.

Ubuntu One on iPhone

That's it for the syncing of the files. It's really simple. Ubuntu One comes built in with modern versions of Ubuntu. The app is available for free on the iOS App Store and can be downloaded by clicking here. As some reviews suggest,  the app isn't particularly good when it comes to uploading pictures. However it meets the standards when it comes to syncing LibreOffice files.

Viewing the Files

Although Ubuntu One syncs your files, it doesn't let you view or download them (speaking about the Ubuntu office files here). That's why you should use an app called OOReader.

OOReader app on iPhone

The app lets you view and download the files from Ubuntu One. When you open them in Ubuntu One and tap on View the file won't load. So you'll have to tap the Action button in the bottom right corner of the Ubuntu One screen then choose the OOReader option.

The file will open in OOReader as well as get saved locally on your device. OOReader offers very basic functionality. You can't put the files in folders or organize them at all.

Having said that, the app has a free version which is ad-supported, and a pro version with a few more features. You can also use OOReader to view files received via other apps such as Mail.

Download OOReader for free by clicking here.


So the two apps you need to download for free on your iOS device are Ubuntu One and OOReader. Ubuntu One syncs the files, while OOReader views and downloads them.

If you need help with this tutorial don't hesitate to ask for help in the comments.

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