Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 a smart camera or a smart phone

By: Unknown, June 16, 2013
It turns our today to me that there's an argument over whether the Galaxy S4 Zoom is a smart phone or a smart camera. Not any sort of a bad argument, just voted and articles about which side the device belongs to. After some thinking it turns out that the Galaxy S4 Zoom certainly has a mix of both, and both sides are debatable, but in my opinion one side wins.

The Galaxy S4 Zoom is a smart camera, and this is why.

If you think about it, what makes a smart phone a smart phone is because it's a phone with extended capabilities. People buy it because they want a phone. A phone with extended features. Yet, the main reason behind buying a phone is that it can call. The special feature that makes you call a device a phone is because that device calls.

Smartphones have been advancing in terms of their camera. 5 years ago we would take pictures at 2 MP, now the standard for a smart phone is 5 MP with some of the popular ones taking up to 13 MP.

The Galaxy S4 Zoom is different. It's not built to be a phone with extended capabilities. It's a camera with an ability to call. What makes the S4 Zoom different to the other Galaxy S4 devices is its camera. It's not just that it takes higher quality photos but the device itself looks and feels like a camera.

Seriously, judge for yourself. Does that look like a phone or a camera.

A smart phone is a phone that has extra features like a browser, email, and cellular data. A smart camera is a camera with extra features such as Social Networks sharing, wifi, etc. The device you see in the picture above is a smart camera.

What do you think? Smart camera or smart phone?

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  1. Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is half-smartphone and half-Camera.On the back, it's a full-fledged camera, with a 16-megapixel sensor and 10x optical zoom, which is far better than on any other smartphone or smartphone-camera hybrid we've seen. It also sports an optical image stabilizer (OIS), and Samsung's Smart ...


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