Problems with iOS 7: The Lock Screen

By: Unknown, June 24, 2013
In this series of articles I'll be covering some problems I find with certain things in iOS 7. I am aware that this is beta 1, and that chances are Apple will fix most of this. But spreading the word is essential so that people are aware of the issues.

I'll be starting with the lock screen. The lock screen in iOS 7 has a better visual design. However, using it isn't too simple. Below is a screen shot of what the current lock screen on iOS 7 looks like.

When people first see the lock screen there first reaction is usually, "Wow this is amazing!" At least that's what happened when I showed the lock screen to my friends.

However in terms of usage there are a few problems. Just beneath the slide to unlock text is an arrow pointing upwards. This makes it seem as if the user needs to slide upwards to unlock there iPhone. Meanwhile in fact they should slide to the right. Additionally sliding upwards reveals the Control Center, but also sliding upwards at the camera icon opens the camera app. Having two different actions when sliding upwards on the same screen will certainly lead to confusion.

It makes no sense why Apple is placing arrows to show the Notification Center and the Control Center in the lock screen, meanwhile no arrow showing the direction to unlock.

Another issue with the iOS 7 lock screen that is likely to get fixed quickly is accidental unlock in the pocket. I really loved how my iPhone would never unlock in my pocket when using previous versions of iOS. But with iOS 7, a very short swipe to a notification will open it. So when a notification comes in I usually hear my iPhone unlock afterwards.

Additionally, when receiving a phone call or when a timer ends, some buttons could be pressed to take action. Look at the screen shot below for further understanding.

Do you see the problem with it? The 'Remind me later' and 'Respond with text' buttons are .. buttons on the lock screen. So when someone calls me, either one of the two buttons is usually pressed in my pocket instantly. I found it weird why Apple did this in the first place.

This is it for the lock screen on iOS 7. If you found any more problems with it then feel free to share it as a comment.

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