Cycloramic Spins Your iPhone Using Vibration To Take 360° Photos And Videos

By: Unknown, July 19, 2013
Have you been looking for a new iPhone app to amaze your friends? Well today I'm reviewing an app that amazed Co-Founder of Apple Steve Wozniak. Cycloramic will spin your iPhone 5 for you automatically so that it can take 360° photos and videos for you. It's truly an amazing app.

Cycloramic uses your iPhone's built-in vibration to rotate your iPhone 5. This is referred to as handsfree mode. Handsfree mode is only available on the iPhone 5, but Cycloramic offers many more features which makes it useful for other iPhone owners too. Below is a video demonstrating the main features of the app. It shows you the handsfree feature as well as the guided mode which works on all iPhones.

The app got a major update last month that brought Cycloramic Studio to the app. This allows users to edit certain frames of their panoramic pictures.

It's also worth noting that the app has a 3D Viewer for your Panoramic pictures which makes viewing a panoramic picture a true pleasure. With support for panoramic wallpapers in iOS 7, Cycloramic could come in handy if you want to create your own panoramic wallpaper.

Additionally, the Guided Mode shown in the video works better than the panoramic mode built-in with iOS 6. Cycloramic's main features offered are:
  • Guided Mode for older iPhones
  • Handsfree Mode for iPhone 5
  • 3D Panoramic Viewer
  • Editing sections of the panoramic photo
The only problem I have faced is that some surfaces weren't smooth enough for handsfree to work properly. To solve this simply place a piece of paper under your iPhone and it should spin smoothly.

Be sure to grab Cycloramic from the App Store for $1.99. Then share your pictures and experiences in the comments or on Instagram with #Cycloramic.


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