3 Reasons Why Apple should not release an iPhone 5C

By: Unknown, August 25, 2013
After rumors of the iPhone 5C spreading heavily, with high quality videos showing possible designs of the lower cost iPhone, I began to think of the iPhone 5C. Maybe more than I should be. Anyway I came up with one conclusion:

Apple should NOT release a lower cost iPhone

There are three main reasons why I came to this conclusion.

1- Customers Can Buy An Older iPhone

Frankly, I see no good reason for Apple to release a cheaper iPhone. If a customer wants to buy a lower cost iPhone they should buy the older generations of the iPhone. You might say that the older iPhone doesn't have as good specs or features as the latest iPhone, but neither will the rumored iPhone 5C. Unless of course Apple are willing to provide the iPhone 5C with most features of the newer iPhone, which would certainly lead to fewer sales of the more expensive (and almost certainly more profitable) iPhone. This brings forwards the second reason.

2- Less Sales Of the More Expensive iPhone

By releasing a lower cost iPhone that can actually compete in the lower cost phone markets, Apple should ensure that the lower cost iPhone has lots of great up-to-date modern features and specs. This will encourage people who are looking for a cheaper phone to buy an iPhone which is obviously good for Apple. However, it will encourage people who are willing to buy a more expensive iPhone to buy a less expensive one.

3- Weakens Apple's Premium Brand Image

It is clear that one of Apple's goals is to maintain a premium brand image. Customers see the Apple logo and immediately think of high quality yet more expensive products. It seems like Apple wants to be premium. Being premium gives them lots of advantages, one of these advantages is that they can raise prices because they're selling premium products. If we do see a lower cost iPhone, then we're also seeing a less premium brand image for Apple.

Overall, I find that it will suck for Apple to release a lower cost iPhone any time soon. It'll also suck for people like me who enjoy having a phone by a more premium brand.

Having said that, it's very possible that we see a lower cost iPhone announced this September. I'm just one of the people hoping we don't see one. Would you want to see a lower cost iPhone?

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