Top 7 technologies that are making us lazy

By: Unknown, August 9, 2013
This is a guest post by Diana Maria, details about the author are at the end of this post.

Technology was developed to make life easier for human beings so that they may focus more on pursuing knowledge and happiness. However, as most of us today know that there are a number of technologies that have actually made us lazier than ever before. Here are the top 7 technologies that are making us lazier by the day.

1. The internet

Just a decade ago, if you wanted information about a subject, you were required to move your butt and go to the library or visit an expert. However, the internet has brought all the information in the world to our phones and homes and since all this information is available at our fingertip, we feel no need to learn anything or remember anything anymore.

2. Video chat

It’s hard to imagine that just half a decade ago, one had to literally meet someone in person to hangout. Thanks to video chat, we can “visit” our friend’s house without ever leaving our own. While that is a welcome addition to the field of communication, it unfortunately has also made sleepovers, interpersonal interaction, developing social skills and minding your body language a thing of the past.

3. Photoshop

Digital photography is one of the lesser evils that modern technology has borne. However, photoediting software like Photoshop have given us the ability to take images of us visiting famous landmarks without ever leaving the country, add makeup to our bare face and even achieve a perfect body without ever visiting the gym!

4. Home automation

Home automation has been dubbed the future of humankind since the 1950s. However, only now are we beginning to truly realize how much effort it frees us from. Thanks to Wi-Fi enabled home automation systems, you can “tell” your home to switch on the lights, turn the aircon on, boil a kettle of tea, microwave a meal, vacuum the house and even fill a bath up without physically doing any of these things. In the 1950s, people hired housekeepers to get all this work done for them!

5. Ready to eat food

The very reason why humans developed civilizations and took over the planet was because they didn’t want to worry about where their next meal was coming from. This led to the invention of cooking and humans learnt to store food that could be eaten later without it causing food poisoning. However, these days we have whole grocery store aisles dedicated to ready to eat food, i.e., food that doesn’t need to be cooked. And this isn’t even fresh produce that we’re talking about. To take the labor out of cooking, we have pre-cut salads, microwavable meals, sliced breads, prepackaged sandwiches, canned soups and gazillions types of candies and packaged snacks that only need to be taken out of their wrappers to satiate your hunger!

6. Entertainment on demand

Before services like Netflix came along, watching movies required a lot of patience and passion. You had to get yourself to theatres to watch a new movie or wait for it arrive on tape after which you needed to get to a video store to hire/return it or you just bought it and maintained a collection. Watching TV shows too required you to get to a TV when the show was to be aired or missed it. These days, we have gotten so lazy that we can’t even be bothered to watch movies in theatres or sit in front of the TV when a favorite show is on. We can simply TiVo them or download/stream them and watch it on our laptops/smartphones.

7. Liposuction, stomach stapling and cosmetic procedures

The pursuit of beauty has been a key motivator for humankind for a long time. Throughout history, if you wanted to look beautiful, you had to work hard towards it, eat right and work out. These days, you can go from ugly duckling to movie star in a matter of hours or days. If you’re fat, you can get liposuction or get your stomach stapled to force yourself to eat less. If you aren’t too good-looking, you can simply pay a salon or cosmetic surgeon to work their magic and you can walk out with a rounder bum, bigger pecs, larger biceps, longer hair and clearer skin in a matter of hours!

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