5 Things I Don't Like In iOS 7

By: Unknown, October 1, 2013
As much of an iOS 7 fan I am, there are things I don't like with iOS 7. This article isn't about features I was anticipating for iOS 7 but didn't arrive, or problems that were carried on from iOS 6, instead it is about new features in iOS 7 that were not done right.

Before you start, make sure you've read everything you need to know about iOS 7.

As for the 5 things I hate most:

Sloppy UI

Some overlapping of images and text makes iOS 7 slightly unprofessional. A solid pure example is the 'Background App Refresh' button as shown in the image below.

There are other times and situations when iOS 7 gives overlapping text and images, but the sloppiness is gradually being removed as iOS 7 updates.

Lock screen Wallpaper

The lock screen is sometimes hard to set due to the parallax effect. This makes it hard to set an image, especially one containing text, as a lock screen wallpaper.

The parallax effect can be turned off by going to Settings --> General --> Accessibility and turn on Reduce Motion. But this will turn off the effect thoughtout the whole phone which i don't want to happen. There's currently no way to only disable parallax effect in the lock screen, or even adjust it.

Can't customize Control Center

The Control Center is a great new feature in iOS 7. It provides a quick shortcut to your favorite settings and apps that are just a swipe away. Only problem is these aren't your favorite apps and settings, it's the apps and settings that Apple chose for you.

You can't choose which apps or settings you want in the Control Center. Apple chooses it for you. I never toggle my Bluetooth or Airplane mode, I would rather have toggles for Cellular Data & 3G.

Slow animations

Animations in iOS 7 are slower than iOS 6. Multitasking takes a significantly longer amount of time to open than in iOS 6. It's the same when launching apps or opening folders.

I know that the animations are a lot better, but speeding them up a bit will do no harm. Many users are complaining about the slow animations in iOS 7.

No Tap to Tweet/Post buttons in NC

I really miss quick tweeting from the Notification Center on my iPhone. When browsing the internet through Safari and seeing a great quote I used to quickly tweet it without leaving Safari. Now I have to switch between apps until I can manage to quickly tweet something. Additionally I'll end up opening Twitter and scrolling through my endless feed of tweets with time wasted. I could avoid this source of procrastination back on iOS 6, but not anymore.

iOS 7 is really great. I love the new update, but the above 5 things could change to make me like it even more.

Some users report problems with the battery life, but I don't find a problem with mine. Do you have a problem with battery drainage? What are your biggest issues with iOS 7?

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  1. I agree with all what you've said. One thing I hate the most about ios7, is how flat the icons look. No warmth to them at all. Looks like they were designed for and by computers back on the 90's. Seriously can't wait for the ios7 JB so I can finally theme my phone.


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