Predictions for Apple's October 22 Event

By: Unknown, October 19, 2013
Apple is hosting an event a few days from now on the 22nd of October. Based on leaks, patterns and previous product releases by Apple, it is pretty clear what announcements will be made on stage this Tuesday. This post is a summary of the predictions and possible announcements that we should see during the event.

Updated iPads

We are certain that Apple will announce an upgraded iPad as well as a new iPad Mini. The new iPad may feature a faster processor and camera along with a few other tweaks. Perhaps even Touch ID. The iPad Mini is rumored to feature a Retina Display as well as a few tweaks too.

Apple currently names the 10 inch iPad as iPad with Retina Display which isn't a very friendly name. Additionally the iPad Mini may get retina display. So chances are that Apple will need to rename the iPads. Great names would be to call the 10 inch iPad: iPad Pro, and the smaller iPad: iPad Air. This will be similar to the Macbook.

Updated Macbook Pro

Most Mac computers were upgraded to feature the new Intel Haswell processor. It's time for the Macbook Pro to join the crowd on October 22. Apple should announce the new Macbook Pro with the new processor, better battery life, OS X Mavericks and a few other improvements. There's a chance that Retina Display will become standard for all Macbook Pros, which is something I'm personally hoping for as well as expecting.

Public Release of OS X Mavericks

OS X Mavericks was announced for developers back in June alongside iOS 7. Developers have been testing the beta operating system for 4 months, it's about time the public gets a chance at using it.

OS X Mavericks features new built in apps such as iBooks & Maps as well as upgrades to the Finder app and a few other features. See them all here.

Updated iPods

We might see new iPods in this event, although no rumors pointed to this. The iPod Nano and iPod Touch haven't been refreshed since last October 2012 so now may be a good time to give them an upgrade. We could possibly see Touch ID on the iPod too.

New Mac Pro

Apple gave us a sneak peak on what the Mac Pro would look like during the summer. It hasn't been officially released yet. The release date of the Mac Pro should be announced during this event.

The new Mac Pro is a huge leap forward in terms of design of the pro desktop. Apple should provide more details on the computer during the event too.

New iWork Apps

It's also rumored and highly expected that Apple updates it's iWork apps for both Mac and iOS. New icons for apps such as iPhoto and Garageband have been spotted in the iCloud management section on iOS so a refreshed design is certainly on its way.


What else are we expecting? Well one thing I'm sure of is we'll see a video of Jony Ive talking about how much work was put into designing the news products and how it enhances the user experience. We'll also probably see Tim Cook celebrating how fast customers adopted iOS 7 on their devices and how they truly love it.

As for the text in the invite sent out it says "We still have a lot to cover." Now we're not sure what this hints to. Could it be that Apple still has a lot of devices to cover in terms of Touch ID (Touch ID for all devices?), or the more likely option which is they have a lot of products to announce. Are there any hints you've spotted in the invite? What announcements are you expecting to hear? Share your comments!

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