How to download apps that are no longer in the App Store

By: Unknown, November 26, 2013
The App Store is full of thousands of apps with new apps added every day, and also old apps getting removed every day. These old apps may be removed for several reasons, e.g. Fifa removing Fifa 13 after introducing Fifa 14. Not too long ago I found out that Minecraft Lite was pulled from the App Store, which is what lead me to finding out how to download removed apps.

Please note: 
  • You must have already downloaded the app from the App Store in order to do this
  • Not all apps show up, for example I couldn't find App Gratis

Let's get started with the step by step guide.

1- Open the App Store, tap on Updates then on Purchased

2- Search for the app in your Purchased history

You can then download the app from there. You should tap on the iCloud download icon at the right to download it. If you try tapping on the app to view more details you'll be presented with a blank/missing screen.

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