Predictions for iPhone 6

By: Unknown, November 5, 2013
Although the iPhones 5S & 5C were announced less than two months ago, it's not too early to start predicting features of the next iPhone. These predictions are based on previous patterns from Apple as well as a few gut feelings from my side.


The iPhone 5C was a change to the exterior design of the iPhone 5, and the 5S featured a new color as well as Touch ID (fingerprint sensor on home button). Next year we're expecting to see the iPhone 6 which should feature both a new design and new features. With the iPhone 5C as an exception, Apple only tends to change the exterior design of the iPhone every 2 years, therefore the iPhone 6 should feature a new design.

Will the iPhone 6 feature an edge-to-edge display? [Source]

Many rumors point towards an edge to edge display on the iPhone 6. Personally, I'm against an edge to edge display for a few reasons. Mainly because it doesn't actually look nice, but also it'll probably make the phone less durable.

The iPhone 6 should feature another major design change. As you can see from the picture above, the iPhone is getting flatter over time. Perhaps to work towards Apple's flat approach. However, the iPhone 5C brought back a similar design to the iPhone 3G so it's interesting to see what the guys at Apple have in mind. It's hard to guess the new design until it leaks out. When the design leaks people will say how shit it is in comments and explain why Apple will never do that, a few weeks later they'll be cheering Apple unveil the new design!

Having said that, I can assure you that the iPhone 6 will look awesome, just like every iPhone so far IMO.

Screen Size

"iPhone's screen is too small"
"S4 screen is too huge"

Oh shut up, please. Unless you're in the minority with very huge fingers or very small hands then you shouldn't complain about the screen size of a phone. Screen size is the biggest useless debate for smart phones. It ultimately comes down to what you're used to.

What do you think of multiple screen sizes? [Source]

Before upgrading to the iPhone 5 I had a good old iPhone 3G. I was used to the 3.5 inch screen size. When I first received my new iPhone I found it taller than usual, because it is, and it took me a few days to get used to the larger screen. When I pick up a phone with a different size than the iPhone 5 it feels weird in my hand but I'll eventually get used to whatever screen size my phone is.

Since I'm used to the 4 inch screen, I wouldn't want Apple to increase the screen size. However, if they do then I wouldn't mind since it only takes a few days to get used to whatever the new screen size is.

Although Apple is under pressure from many consumers to increase the screen size, it's unlike that they do so. One of the reasons is because developers will have to optimize their apps for a larger screen, again.

I do wish that the screen size stays the same, but if it does increase then I won't complain. And seriously, people should stop overrating screen size, you'll get used to any screen size within a few days anyway.

Release Date

Based on previous iPhone releases, the iPhone 6 will almost certainly appear on stage early in September then go on for sale a week or two later. I think Apple will work on making it's iPhone available to even more countries on release date. The iPhone 5 was officially for sale in most countries by the end of December, the iPhone 5S and 5C have gone for sale in many countries already and may appear in many more countries by the end of November. Therefore it's likely that the iPhone 6 reaches most countries by the end of October.

Other Improvements


  • Better camera
  • Faster processor
  • Higher resolution screen
  • Longer battery life
  • More storage (128 GB)

  • NFC
  • Some sort of tracking software e.g. (eye tracking)
  • iPhone made out of liquid metal


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