iOS 7 jailbreak released

By: Unknown, December 22, 2013
Without telling anyone in advance, Evad3rs released the Evasi0n jailbreak for iOS 7.0 - 7.0.4. To get the jailbreak simply head over to Evasi0n's official website and download it. Read on for a few warnings and tips.

Before you do anything, make sure you have backed up your data, either to iTunes or to iCloud. If you use iCloud backup then chances are your device has been backed up overnight. Confirm by going to Settings --> iCloud --> Storage & Backup then scroll down to see when your latest backup was.

The jailbreak is compatible with all devices running iOS 7.0 - 7.0.4. You can jailbreak your device using a Mac or a PC. The Evasi0n website says you can use Ubuntu too, but the option isn't available when you come to download the jeailbreak yet. But perhaps it will be added in soon.

Windows users make sure that you have iTunes downloaded before proceeding with the jailbreak.

There are a few problems with the surprise jailbreak as pointed out by Saurik on Twitter.

So the point is, don't be surprised if some tweaks aren't compatible yet, or if Cydia occasionally crashes. It won't be that way for too long. I can confirm that the jailbreak is working on my iPhone. However, the version of Cydia isn't iOS 7 optimized.

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