Send Snapchats from your camera roll using Snaproll on iOS

By: Unknown, December 3, 2013
Snapchat is a really popular photo messaging app in which users snap and send photos that disappear within a few seconds. That's all great and fun, unless you've ever wanted to send a picture or video from your camera roll to your friends.

Worry no more, as Snaproll is here to save you.

With Snaproll you're given the ability to post photos and videos from your camera roll and send it to your friends. The app works really well but is faced with a few limitations. The first limitation is the inability to add captions to your pictures, which is a really popular feature in Snapchat. However a solution is to use another app to add the caption and then send the app through Snaproll.

Although Snaproll is free, the developers are looking to make money through the use of coins. The way it works is you spend a coin for every snap you send, regardless of how many users you sent it to. You can complete sponsored offers (paid or free) to receive additional coins, or even pay a $1.99 in app purchase and receive unlimited coins.

Snaproll works really well from my experience. The app is simple to use and does its job well. Although snapping pictures and sending them instantly is the purpose of Snapchat, it is fun to upload a picture from your camera roll every now and then to surprise your friends with.

Snaproll is free on the App Store, you can download it by clicking here.

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