Tip: How to quickly refresh WiFi list on iOS 7

By: Unknown, December 8, 2013
Android has a refresh button in the WiFi list which lets you quickly refresh the available list of WiFi networks. Although the iPhone does refresh the list automatically, there are times when you want to quickly skip ahead and refresh manually. The problem is there is no refresh button in the iPhone's WiFi list.

Previously, a user will need to either toggle WiFi off and then back on to refresh, or go back to the main settings screen then open WiFi again.

With iOS 7 there is an even quicker method. Simply pull back against the screen as if you're going to swipe back to the full settings but instead cancel the action by swiping back to WiFi. It's hard to explain this in words, so I've created a short video below to demonstrate.

That's it for this tip. It's not life changing by any means, but it'll save you time and will surely be more convenient.

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  1. Thanks for the help, i didn't know this. Still getting used to the new OS!


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