GameBoy Advance emulator now available on iOS 7, doesn't require a jailbreak

By: Unknown, February 20, 2014
For some people, GameBoy is nothing but a gaming device. For others, it was a childhood. Either way, I'm sure most iPhone users would love a bit of Gameboy fun on their modern smart phone.

GBA4iOS is a popular emulator that has been completely redesigned to support iOS 7. An important update that has been made after the previous version is support for downloading games for your virtual GameBoy through the app itself.

Below are a few of the main features in GBA4iOS followed by how to download it for free on any compatible iPhone:

• Redesigned for iOS 7
• iPad Support
• Game Boy Color Support
• Cheats
• iOS 7 Controller Support
• Event Distribution
• Dropbox Sync
• Custom Controller Skins
• Sustain Button

To download GBA4iOS head over to this link on your iPhone or iPad and then tap on Download GBA4iOS 2.0.

Below is a video walk-through giving you a look around the emulator.

For those who tried the emulator, feel free to share what you think about it. Do you prefer to stick to the high resolution iOS optimized games? Or is it fun to play something from the past?

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