Get Jellybean like unlocker on iOS 7 for free using JellyLock7

By: Unknown, February 1, 2014
Android vs Apple wars aside, there are some features in iPhone that some Android users want. Similarly, there are some features available in Android that some iPhone users want. I like the jelly bean unlocker, and I was glad to find a tweak that brings this feature to the iPhone in Cydia this morning.

The jelly bean unlocker replaces your slide to unlock with a shiny white circle which you can customize (more details later on in the post). I kept it as default for now. Read on for a review as well as screenshots of the unlocker and how it works.

For those who don't know, the jelly bean unlocker is a circle, and by resting your finger on the circle a user is given options to access some apps, or to unlock the phone. It's really simple, neat and elegant. Yet, it's also customizable.

The first option of customization that many users will be expecting is the ability to choose which apps you can quickly access. Without a surprise, this is available. You can choose up to 5 apps (excluding camera and unlocker). You even have the option to allow launching these apps and avoiding the passcode, but I have kept that turned off, and I'm sure most of you will do too. 

You can also adjust the behavior options of the tweak. The disable default unlock, as the name suggests, will prevent the traditional unlock of iOS 7. If it is toggled ON then you can no longer slide to unlock your iPhone. You'll need to use the circle and move it to the unlock icon. However, if you've received a notification you can slide across the notification and that will unlock your iPhone.

The appearance of the circle can also be customized. There are a few basic toggles, but users looking for a more unique lockscreen can make further adjustments to their circle. You can adjust the color, size and opacity of the circle. Every change requires a respring so instead I decided to trust the developer and stick to the default configuration.

This is it for today's tweak. I really hope you will like it. Jellybean7 is available for free in Cydia, if you like it then please consider donating to the developer as a lot of work has clearly been done to develop it. There's a link to donate in the Settings app once you've installed the tweak.

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