How to hack Flappy Bird on iPhone

By: Unknown, February 7, 2014
Flappy Bird is the most frustrating and annoying game you've ever played on your iPhone. The developer claims his game has hit 50M downloads and generates $50k per day in ad revenue. And while developer Dong Nguyen is celebrating his success, some people can't even get past 10 pipes before their bird crashes into one of the pipes.

Fortunately, you can now celebrate a successful high score too, without the need to spend hours of your life mastering the game and avoiding to smash your iPhone. How? By a simple hack. All you need is a jailbroken iPhone and iFile (free). If Flappy Bird is running in the multitask then be sure to close it from there before starting this tutorial.

Below is a step by step tutorial to hack Flappy Bird!

1- Open iFile and tap on the small home icon in the bottom. You will now be in /var/mobile

2- Navigate to /var/mobile/Applications/Flappy Bird/ If your application names aren't visible and you see numbers and letters instead, then tap the preferences icon in the bottom left, tap on File Manager and turn on Application Names.

3- Open the file atlas.txt in the text viewer

4- Scroll down and edit the values for pipe_uppipe_down so that the second number for each of them is 5. By default the second number is 270 for the pipe_down and 242 for the pipe_up.

5- Launch Flappy Bird

When you play the game now you'll realize your pipes are shorter. A lot shorter. Simply fly above the pipes and you should never lose. You can touch the top without losing so you can always stay there till you get bored.

I normally ask readers to share the tutorials when they're done reading them, but I'm sure most of you would want to trick your friends first. In that case you can save this link to show them how the hack is done whenever you finally decide to admit the truth. Be sure to follow Alwaraki Blog on Facebook and Twitter to never miss another tutorial!

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