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By: Unknown, March 9, 2014
Grad is a beautiful app for iOS that let's you design gradient wallpapers for your device. The app provides a very simple user interface to create gradients within seconds. However the app features a few limitations due to it's simplicity.

Let's start off with the user interface. You can choose a color for the top of the gradient and a color for the bottom. This is done by moving a pointer around a circle as shown in the images below.

The circular interface is really cool and slick, however it may take time to get used to the position of the colors in the circle.

Using another pointer in the side, you can adjust the darkness of the color. Due to this interface you can create gradients of pretty much any color and darkness. The possibilities are unlimited.

After creating a gradient you can use the share button in the bottom right. This allows you to save it to the camera roll of share it on social networks. You can even print your gradient directly from Grad.

Once a gradient has been shared/saved to the camera roll, it is saved inside Grad. By clicking the back button in the top left, you can view all the gradients that you have saved. This is a handy feature as it allows quick access to your previous gradients. Additionally if you decided you want to slightly tweak one of your previous gradients then it's easy to do since it's already saved in the app for you.

Grad is available as a universal app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. You can download it for $1 by clicking here.

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