How to help stop capturing portrait video on iPhone

By: Unknown, March 20, 2014
Capturing video in portrait could be quite annoying. For some, this is because when playing the video it's more convenient in landscape and it shows more horizontal area. For others this could be because landscape video is more suitable for editing the video using apps such as iMovie, or uploading videos to YouTube.

The issue with vertical videos is quite big actually, there's an App Store app called Horizon ($1.99) that forces video to be captured horizontally.

However, if you would rather shoot with the default camera app, then you should be interested in a free Cydia tweak called VerticalVideoSyndrome which helps solve this issue.

Notice the yellow warning sign on top.
The tweak displays a warning sign on your screen if you're about to capture video in portrait mode. The warning sign is not there when taking photos at all. It's only for videos.

What I like about VerticalVideoSyndrome is that it's warning sign is catchy enough to alert you but not too catchy to annoy you. There are no pop-ups, no confirmation messages. Just a warning sign at the top of your screen.

VerticalVideoSyndrome is available in the Cydia store for free.

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