PhotoLayers app review- combine images with ease on iPhone

By: Unknown, March 31, 2014
Photo editing is extremely popular nowadays due to the ease of editing. Anyone can take a picture and with a single tap apply filters to it making it look more professional. However, one thing which has always fallen behind from beginners is the ability to combine two pictures together.

You can learn how to photoshop pictures but here's the problem, you need to learn how to do it. I recently stumbled into this app called PhotoLayers.

The app makes the process of combining images as layers very simple. You set a background image and then add other layers to your image. The result is that you can create images like the one below.

Took me a minute to edit

Now you may be thinking of some apps with a similar concept. They let you mask images first by zooming in so much and having to be very careful and precise while keeping your hand steady. I'm not a fan of those apps. However, this app makes use of an eraser tool.

The eraser tool detects a color and automatically removes nearby areas with the same color. You can set the color threshold when using the eraser tool depending on the background.

Below is a short video I made to show off this eraser feature since it's hard to explain.

It will actually take u less than a minute to add a selfie of yourself taken from your couch to a picture at the Eiffel Tower.

Take picture with a uniform color behind you to simplify the erasing process.
Cropped pictures are automatically saved in the app's history to make it easy to use the picture again.

PhotoLayers is available for only $0.99 on the iOS App Store. It's not an app you would want to miss out on. You can purchase it using the following links: iPhone download, iPad download.

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