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By: Unknown, April 12, 2014
Perhaps one of my biggest requests for iOS 8 is a Night Mode feature. Many users, myself included, use their iPhones at night for a few hours before sleeping. The problem with this is that even when the brightness of the iPhone is set to the lowest, it still burns my eyes. I'm not the only one facing this issue, and this is what encouraged Guillermo MorĂ¡n (fr0st) to develop Eclipse.

Eclipse is a Cydia tweak that provides system wide night mode on iOS. It replaces the bright white backgrounds in iOS with much darker ones. The user can choose between 8 themes, I use 'Night'. You can also set a color for buttons and for the statusbar since they may look awkward if left unchanged.

Below is a side by side comparison showing Eclipse in action:

Eclipse disabled
Ecplise enabled

As you can see, the bright colors are replaced by dark ones. It makes night usage a lot less annoying for your eyes. The developer's work into this is hugely appreciated and the result is great, however not every app looks normal with Eclipse enabled. Some apps, especially the non-stock apps, may look very weird with Eclipse. Thankfully, you can white-list apps (clever name?) to prevent them from getting themed.

Whitelist prevents specified apps from getting themed
Eclipse is also designed to be extremely convenient for users. Firstly, you don't need to respring when toggling Eclipse. You'll simply need to quit apps from the multitask. A free tweak such as Purge could make this extremely easy since it'll just quit all your apps from the multitask for you. Another convenience is the ability to toggle Eclipse from the Control Center using CCToggles. This prevents having to open up Settings every time you want to enable Eclipse.

Considering the simplicity of Eclipse and the function it performs, it is well worth buying. Fr0st updates Eclipse regularly bringing in fixes and new themes. Eclipse is available for $0.99, be sure to check it out.

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