Gyro (Slide) Review- An Interactive DreamBoard Theme for iPhone

By: Unknown, April 23, 2014
Gryo (Slide) is an interactive DreamBoard theme that is available for iPhone. The theme offers a unique experience to users and changes the way you see and use your phone. This review includes a video showing off Gyro (Slide) and emphasizes on its unique points.

The theme requires users to install the beta version of DreamBoard to ensure iOS 7 compatibility. To install the beta version you'll need to add the following source to Cydia:

Once added you can simply install DreamBoard from that source. After installing DreamBoard you can purchase Gyro successfully from Cydia.

Below is a short list of the best features offered by Gyro, followed by a video I made:
  • Dynamic weather
  • 10 Custom Wallpapers
  • User interaction: slide an app downwards to launch it
  • Facebook and Twitter widgets
And now for the video:

Gyro (Slide) is available on Cydia for $2. If you're after a new experience for your iPhone then be sure to check it out. However if you want to stick with the experience offered by default and like the bright and colorful iOS 7 then this theme may not be for you.

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