Looka- Flat Minimalistic Theme for iPhone

By: Unknown, April 6, 2014
iOS 7 brought forward an overdue flat redesign to the iPhone. The software looks amazing and is certainly a pleasure to use for most people. However, one complaint that many users have is the new icons. Fortunately for jailbroken iPhones, you can get many amazing themes to replace these icons.

One theme I would like to share with you is Looka by Luka Kajtes. The theme simplifies the icons and makes them a lot more consistent. Perhaps too consistent for some people, but I personally liked them.

Unlike most typical themes, Looka doesn't just change the icons of your iPhone. It also provides 8 icon masks such as circular icons and square icons. One problem with masking icons using Looka is the folders don't get masked too, perhaps the folders won't look good masked, but it leads to inconsistency across the devices. Anyway, I have provided screenshots for all the different icon masks below to save you time from having to respring between different masks.

Transparent Square, Square Icon, Soft Diamond Icon

Small Soft Square Icon, Round Icon, Hexagon Icon

Soft Square Icon, BitArrow Slider, Messages UI

Looka also provides a new slider for your lock screen (optional) as well as custom badges for your icon notifications. I like the icon badges but I prefer to stick with the default slider, good thing it's optional! There is also an optional Messages UI that suits the theme.

Below is a Gif that was created by Google+ Auto Awesome while I was typing up the post, I thought it's pretty cool and worth sharing:

GIF showing icon masks offered by Looka

For those who are interested, you can apply the icon masks even without the theme and so you can take advantage of that too. However, the icons in the theme are really cool I don't see why you wouldn't want to keep them.

To conclude, if you're a minimalist type of user who wants flat icons, then Looka is worth checking out. It's currently the theme I have on my iPhone. Looka is available for $ 0.99 on Cydia.

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