WiPi- Quickly switch between Wifi networks on iPhone

By: Unknown, April 16, 2014
Among the many new features introduced in iOS 7, the new Control Center was one of the most useful upgrades. Users no longer need to open the settings app to make very small changes such as toggling bluetooth or increasing the brightness. However, one thing which Apple missed out on is the ability to scan and connect to WiFi whenever the user demands it without having to open the settings app.

Currently, a user is offered to allow the iPhone to ask to join networks. But the popup doesn't always come at the right time. Additionally, it's better to keep that toggle turned off to help save battery.

Jailbroken iPhone users are offered a solution by @Bensge, one of the developers who worked on  Velox. Bensge released a tweak called WiPi some time ago in Cydia, before the introduction of iOS 7. WiPi has been updated to take advantage of the Control Center.

Image from Bensge.com

By simply holding down the WiFi button in the Control Center, the iPhone will scan for networks followed by a popup prompting you to select the network. Users can also set an Activator action to scan for WiFi networks. Below is a GIF I made illustrating the first option.

I'm a fan of tweaks such as WiPi which help improve the user experience without cluttering it with options. It's one of those tweaks which you can describe saying, "That's how Apple should have done it." WiPi is available for free in the Cydia store so be sure to check it out.

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