CARROT Fit app threatens you into losing weight

By: Unknown, May 17, 2014
From defeating communism to running away from ostriches, CARROT Fit will do whatever it takes to ensure you lose weight. Unlike other apps which motivate you by showing pictures of extremely fit people, Carrot fit threatens you and forces you into working out.

The app is third in the series of Carrot apps by Brian Mueller. The first app is a to-do list that unlocks features as you complete tasks, or gets really mad at you if you start slacking off. The second app is an alarm clock that also rewards you for waking up and gets upset if you sleep in. So you know what to expect from the third one.

The app was updated to include a 7 minute in hell workout. I am a huge fan of the 7 minute workout as well as Carrot To Do app, so I was desperate to give the 7 minute in hell workout a try. The result: the funniest and most productive 7 minute workout I've ever done. All previous apps which I have tried only feature a countdown and perhaps a voice speaking "nearly there" or "just a bit more". Brian's take on this was to have Carrot take you to a different place when you workout.

For the jumping jacks, I was in an Olympics final against a Russian guy. Carrot said that if I didn't defeat him then communism will be the standard everywhere in the world. And Vodka will be used in all food. This made the workout funny, creative and also productive since I wasn't willing to be ruled by communism.

When you compare this with your typical 7 minute workout app, Carrot Fit blows any of the alternatives I've tried out of the water.

In another workout I was roaring to impress female dragons with my dances. Each exercise is narrated by Carrot, and the developer promises that there are so many stories Carrot will narrate that you won't constantly hear the same ones over and over again. I'm still waiting for the part where Carrot tells me to punch Justin Bieber in the face!

Still not impressed? Watch the official video below.

Carrot Fit is an amazing app to help you lose weight, or even just get a healthier body. It is available for $2.99 in the App Store, but your body is worth it right? You can purchase it by clicking here.

What are your thoughts on Carrot Fit? Share them as a comment. Meanwhile, I gotta go. I have female dragons to impress.

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