Yema Theme Review for iPhone

By: Unknown, May 4, 2014
Yema directly translates to: "mum" in Arabic, and it's the name of Ysfzone's latest theme in Cydia. According to the Moroccan designer, the theme is dedicated to his mother; I'm sure the consistent metallic design won't disappoint her.

Yema is shiny and beautiful, it gives your iPhone a design it deserves. The theme doesn't just change the icons, below are the features of Yema:

  • 200+ icons
  • App Masks
  • 2 Jellylock and Classicdock themes
  • BiteSMS theme
  • Control Center theme
  • Iconomatic Theme
  • Themed Messages UI

Beautiful icon mask Many themed icons

As you can see, the theme is both flat and sharp. It has a beautiful balance between modern and detailed design. The icons feature a simple gradient background, with a very simple beautiful drawing on top. Additionally, the icon mask makes the icons feel a lot more "at-home".

The designer also promises the following features for future updates:

  • An Auxo theme
  • FlipControl center theme
  • Mini player theme
  • Status bar icons
  • Settings icons

Messages UI Control Center UI

So as you can see, this theme doesn't just change the icons, it changes a whole lot more than that. The theme creates a new experience that's a lot sharper and more fun than the original one provided by Apple. It is great to see that the designer is aiming to design a full theme for the iPhone rather than just theming the icons. I'm happy having Yema on my iPhone and can't wait to see how it'll evolve in the future.

Yema is a theme that's flat, but not plain. If you're a fan of those themes then be sure to purchase it from Cydia for $1.99, available for iPhone but not iPad. It's well worth the price as the designer has put in a lot of effort, and the result is incredible.

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