Insight into the Role of Technology in Academic Achievements

By: Unknown, June 13, 2014
This is a guest post by Ebin Mathew. He gives us insight into the role of technology in academic achievements. More details about Ebin at the end of the post.

Nearly every aspect of our life involves technology to a certain extent and academics certainly aren’t an exception… and, it should not be either, since it has proven to help the field in all the imaginable ways. In fact, the application and use largely depends upon the creativity of the academicians and students. 

A decade and a half back, when it was initially introduced in schools, it was very limited and was used mostly to learn the subject of computers; today the scene has changed, students hardly carry paper and pens in many cases. Why has it taken over the education system so largely? Well, here are a few factors explaining the same:

1. Improves the student’s attitude towards learning: A good number of research studies have shown that a majority of students would like to learn using technology, which then leads to an attitude better geared towards learning apart from giving them a lot more confidence. In a tutor research study, it was discovered that students who used technology said that mathematics are useful out of academic context than students in traditional classrooms. Technology also made students feel school work is easier to do, more interesting to learn and will also help them get better jobs later on. Over all motivation is got when tutors and students use technology.

2. Technology motivates learning that is individualized: One important aspect that contributes to learning with the use of technology is that it gives plenty of room for individualized learning. When computer aided instruction is used in practice as well as in drill sessions as a tool for teaching against the traditional methods of instructing, the whole subject tends to get a tad bit more interesting than it would otherwise be. It lets the students have control of the rate of learning and assists them by allowing them to make mistakes in the comfort of privacy which in a lot of ways blocks public embarrassment and also given them more confidence. The system makes no big deal out of their mistakes.

3. Becoming a proficient user of technology: This aspect has become increasingly important in today’s world. Students can exercise all their abilities using the system and various programs while learning various subjects. Using the system becomes natural to them, and they can express themselves more clearly, write more proficiently, pick up presented matter way faster, and that too with much better recalling abilities.

4. Mastering the fundamental skills: The use of technology in classrooms has helped in the process of learning and mastering the basic subjects like language, mathematics, geography, etc., to a great extent and this lays a strong foundation for future studies.

5. Preparing the users with skills of the 21st century: There is a great deal of effectiveness in the use of technology in the K-12 classrooms for the preparation of students for achievements at college as well as at work at a later date.

Apart from this, students get great motivation to achieve more; there has also been lower drop-out rates and absenteeism noticed in various studies. The role of technology is cannot be ignored, and it is here to stay as an integral part of academics, so its role is expected to get only bigger and better!

Ebin Mathew is a freelance writer with over 10 years’ experience in authoritative essay writing companies. He is enjoying writing about current trends and innovations in education, technology, online business and traveling.

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