Solve Camera makes taking photos in public a lot less embarassing

By: Unknown, July 28, 2014
Photography on smartphones has improved a lot over the past few years. We can now take HDR photos with a high resolution and maintaining a good quality. However one big problem with taking photos is when you want to take a photo without other people knowing that you're taking a photo.

Thankfully, iOS developer Ravi has addressed the issue with his latest app Solve. Ravi is the developer of many great iPhone tweaks such as Addial, Torch & Pluck 2. His app Solve Camera is very similar to his tweaks: remarkably simple and very useful.

Below is a screenshot of what the app looks like:

And this is what the app does, tap Solve and it takes a picture without letting everyone around you knowing that you took a picture. There's a button at the top right to switch to 'selfie' mode. Tapping the screen will switch to night mode.

Solve Camera is available for free on the App Store, it solves the problem of being shy to take a photo.

-Download Solve Camera for iPhone (free)

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